Travel Guide – Myanmar: Where to Stay in Bagan?

Contemplating hot air balloons and pagodas at sunset; Bagan is the myth of Southeast Asia, the pearl of Myanmar, the dreamed journey of many travelers… And, for me, it was not a different thing. Since I knew I was travelling to Myanmar, I was suuuuper excited about the idea of visiting Bagan!

About Bagan:

It was founded back in the XI century when the King Anawrahta achieved the throne. He decided to unify the kingdom of Pagan and to introduce the Buddhism in it. As a consequence, many temples and pagodas were built in the area for centuries – even reaching the amount of 4.000!!

The continuous fights to take the control of the country and the many earthquakes have destroyed part of this constructions during the last centuries.

Where To Stay in Bagan?

It is located 190 kilometers of Mandalay and it is divided into three different areas: Nyaung U, Old Bagan and New Bagan.

Where Did I Stay?

I decided to stay at the Royal Bagan Hotel, in the area of Nyaung U, the furthest from Old Bagan but not necessarily without nice temples. The hotel was probably one of the best ones where I stayed in two months traveling Southeast Asia…

The staff of the hotel was really kind and friendly and the facilities of the room and bathroom were remarkable. In addition, the breakfast was pretty good and we could even use for free the computers in the hall.

This picture is Royal Bagan Hotel and’s property.

But, definitely, the best features of the hotel were the cute and refreshing swimming pool and the price of the double room – which was around $30/night with the breakfast included.

Other Accommodation Options:

In order to help you plan your stay in Bagan, I have researched some other options that could suit you:


You will stay at the heart of Bagan and in a walking distance to some of the most touristic attractions. Some of the best accommodation offers are in this area.

Under $50/night:

Sakura Inn **

Valued with an 8.5 over 10 in AGODA, the customers value the quality/price relationship with a 7.9 and both, the cleanliness and the service, with an 8.8 over 10.

This picture is Sakura Inn ** and’s property.

The hotel counts with a swimming pool and has an ATM nearby and customers classify it as a basic option – room and breakfast – with a great location.


AGODA is an accomodation booking webpage and app that I find specially useful when travelling around Asia, since it’s the “” of the Asians and usually offers a wider range of options than

You can find this basic but confortable and clean accomodation ofently at a discounded price of $44/night on AGODA.

Over $50/night:

Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort ***

With a score of 8.5 out of 10 on, this hotel is highly valued – above all – by its customers for its cleanliness and location. The accommodation also offers to rent services, an exterior swimming pool, good breakfast – according to customer’s options – and counts with an ATM (something really useful when visiting the country).

This picture is Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort *** and’s property.


Sporadically, this hotel offers Double Rooms at prices around $65 – instead of $110 – to Genius travellers on

To become a Genius traveller and save money from secret deals, you only need to book up to 5 times through the webpage or the app. It doesn’t matter the amount you spend or the nights booked, you only need to book 5 times!

The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate ****

If you like good coffee, probably this is your perfect place to stay! With an overall grade of 9.1 over 10, the customers of this accommodation rate it as wonderful and rate it above 9 for the following features: staff, cleanliness, location, comfort, and facilities.

This picture is The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate **** and’s property.

The hotel also counts with very good breakfast, swimming pool, spa and currency exchange and ATM services. Consequently, it is especially valued by couples, who rate it – in average- with a 9.3 over 10.


The most positively valued hotel of Old Bagan on (+350 reviews) offers Deluxe Doubles with queen bed, bathtub or stone showers, parquet floor and breakfast included for $98/night.

If you also want the dinner included, you will be able to book the exact same room for $112/night.


Despite having less atmosphere than Old Bagan, New Bagan is located only 15min drive away. As result it offers a wider and more affordable range of accommodations – although there is always something for everyone’s taste!

Under $50/night:

Bagan View Hotel **

With close to 200 reviews, this 2-star hotel is the best-rated option in New Bagan under $50/night. Most of the travelers have rated it with a 9 over 10 in terms of value for money.

This picture is Bagan View Hotel ** and’s property.

Other remarkable features are the staff – with the highest grade – and the cleanliness. You can book a double-room with air-con, breakfast included, free cancellation and payment at the arrival for only $34/night!

Ostello Bello Bagan Pool

If you are up to some hostel experience too, this hostel offers from 4-bed to 10-bed shared rooms (with the option for the only female shared room) and an outdoor swimming pool and bar.

This picture is Ostello Bello Bagan Pool and’s property.

This hostel is highly valued by solo travelers, who give it a 9.2 over 10. Here you will be able to enjoy an 8.4 included breakfast for less than $20/person/night.

Over $50/night:

Villa Bagan ***

Rated as exceptional and with a 9.5 over 10, this hotel is one of the top picks in Bagan according to  Above all, it counts with an outdoor pool, a great terrace from which you will be able to contemplate the hot air balloons and the temples while having breakfast.

This picture is Villa Bagan *** and’s property.

Almost all travellers have valued with more than a 9.5 the staff, comfort, cleanliness, facilities, value for money and location. The price for staying at this dreamy hotel in a Superior Double with breakfast, free cancelation and no prepayment it’s only $57/night. The price can even lowered to $51,30 if you are Genius member at!


You can upgrade to Deluxe Double room with the same conditions for only $12 more ($69/night) or for less $10,80 if you are Genius member ($62,10/night).

Bagan Lodge ****

Another highly valued – but a bit more pricey – option is this accomodation. While staying at the villas of this accommodation you will be able to enjoy the spa, the fitness center, free airport shuttle and a pretty outdoor pool.

This picture is Bagan Lodge **** and’s property.


It is located at a 25-minute ride from Old Bagan. Staying here you will be at the more affordable and better-connected area.

Under $50/night:

Motel ZEIN **

This hotel is valued above-all by the kindness of the staff and by the cleanliness of the accommodation. It offers basic and very good breakfast – according to customers- included accommodation for travelers looking to save some pennies.

This picture is Motel ZEIN ** and’s property.

Here you can find a Twin Room for less than $19/night or for $24 – if you want to include free cancellation and no prepayment!

Over $50/night:

The Hotel Umbra Bagan ****

With a very very nice Grand Deluxe Double Room for less than $90/night – that includes a private balcony – and a very nice pool area, this accommodation is rated with an overall 8.6 over 10 by more than 450 verified customers.

This picture is The Hotel Umbra Bagan **** and’s property.



After carefully reading the reviews for this hotel – especially on the difference quality/price relationship between Deluxe Rooms ($61.20/night) and Grand Deluxe Rooms ($82,80) – I must admit that I would rather book the Grand Deluxe Room or look for another accomodation that in the same area and for a similar or lower price than the Deluxe Room would offer me a better furnished room  and the same booking conditions like the Royal Bagan Hotel – where I have personally stayed.

My Preferred Option:

After deeply checking all the different accommodation options, areas and prices to visit Bagan, if I went back to Bagan I would definitively like to experience an stay at The Hotel @ Tharabar Gate ****!


And you? Where would you like to stay when visiting the mystical Bagan?
Let me know in the comments!

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