Travel Guide – Myanmar: Where To Stay In Mandalay?

Mandalay was the first stop in my Burmese adventure. It became one of my favorite places in the whole country. It stole my heart as soon as I step out on its dusty streets.

Yes, Mandalay might not be the most beautiful city in the world but the atmosphere and its citizens make it absolutely special. Everywhere you look, there is someone smiling at you. You can feel how they truly greet and welcome you from the heart… Their looks and smiles definitely made me feel one of the happiest and luckiest human beings on Earth!

About Mandalay:

The city of Mandalay was founded by the king Mindon Min – who moved the capital from Amarapura to the city. Mandalay was the last capital of the monarchic period of Myanmar – later the British Empire conquered the city and a part of the country in 1885, during the regime of his successor.

Considered as the second main city of the country, in the last years, it has experienced an economic flourishment due to the reopening of the commercial route between Myanmar and China.

Where To Stay in Mandalay?

In parallel to this economic improvement, the city has also experienced an increase of visitors which has also meant an increase in its leisure infrastructure and services.

Because the city was build without following a specific rule or procedure, the organization of the city  is quite cahotic and the main sights spread in a 2-3km area – unabling to limit to specific area “the city center”.

Despite this fact, the city is perfect to be explored by bike – the main local transportation- or by electric motorbike since the distances are affordable and possible for almost everyone. This, if you are not afraid by its traffic chaos (of course!)… Are you going to jump into this adventure?

Where Did I Stay?

While I was in Mandalay I decided to stay for two nights in Hotel 8 and it was definitely a right choice!

Gallery image of this property
This picture is Hotel 8 and’s property.

With the highest grade – 9.6 over 10- among other features, the staff of the hotel is considereed to be the best aspect of the hotel on and I must admit I could have imagined it because they were extremely kind and helpful since the moment we arrived.

In terms of comfort, the room was basic but complete and the bathroom really clean. The overall stay was completed with a good breakfast on the rooftop.

The best part…? We could enjoy ALL of this for less than $25/night in a Double Room – so less than $12.50/night/person! I would definitely recommend it if you are looking for a basic, affordable and high quality/price accommodation.


If you are looking for saving in your next trip, use this link to obtain 15€ discount in your next booking in In exchange, I will also receive 15€ and you will help me to keep traveling.

Other Accommodation Options:

Since everyone is different and everyone might be looking for something a bit different when booking accommodation, I have researched a bit about possible alternatives to help you plan your stay in Mandalay:


Under $50/night:

Downtown @ Mandalay

This picture is Downtown @ Mandalay and’s property.

Located only 1,3km away from one of the most beautiful pagoda in Mandalay – Shwe Kyi Myint Pagoda – this hotel has an overall grade of 9,2 over 10 according to more than 650 verified customers.

The accommodation, that offers private and shared dorms, is highly appreciated by the customers. It is mostly because of the staff attention – with a 9.7-, the cleanliness and the value for money.


This hotel sporadically offers Superior Double Rooms with private bathroom for less than $27/night – instead of $30/night – to Genius travellers on

To become a Genius traveller and save money from secret deals, you only need to book up to 5 times through the webpage or the app. It doesn’t matter the amount you spend or the nights booked, you only need to book 5 times!

*If you are traveling solo, you can find under $10/night 8-bed rooms – mixed or exclusiverly female – with breakfast, free cancellation and no prepayment included!

Mansion Hostel Mandalay

This recently opened hostel is positioning as one of the best accommodation options for travelers. With more than 100 reviews and breakfast being the least graded option (with an 8,8 over 10), this hostel offers both shared dorms only for men or only for women. 

Gallery image of this property
This picture is Mansion Hostel Mandalay and’s property.

The booking of a bed in a shared room with air-con and with breakfast included can even start from a bit less than $9!

Over $50/night:

Hotel Aurora ***

Gallery image of this property
This picture is Hotel Aurora *** and’s property.

It is located in a feasible walking distance to the main sights of the city center like the Mandalay Palace. Not strangely, this is another recently opened accommodation. The increase in the hotel offer is not rare since it has not stopped increasing since 2014.

This hotel is graded with a 10 over 10 in cleanliness, value for money and staff by its customers. It offers Standard Double Room with terrace, flat-screen TV, air-conditioning, private bathroom, free cancellation, no prepayment, and buffet breakfast included for $63/night.


Under $50/night:

Sanctuary Hotel ***

Gallery image of this property
This picture is Sanctuary Hotel *** and’s property.

With reviews like “This is the best value place to stay in Mandalay!” or “Amazing hotel for such a good price!, this hotel offers parquet floors, extra-long beds, private bathroom and a recommended breakfast included for less than $35/night in a Superior Double Room. In addition, the cleanliness and the kindness of staff are also remarkable according to real customers of this hotel.

Over $50/night:

Gold Leaf Hotel ***

With amazing landscape views over the bustling Mandalay, this hotel is becoming one of the top picks for travelers visiting the city.

Gallery image of this property
This picture is Gold Leaf Hotel *** and’s property.

Being probably one of the first hotels in Mandalay following some “European” standards, this hotel is highly remarked by customers. Because of its excelent value for money, cleanliness and the hospitality of their staff.

A Deluxe Double Room with city views, air-conditioning, parquet floor, hairdryer, flat TV and private bathroom. It also includes breakfast, free cancellation and no prepayment policies can be booked from $65/night.

My Preferred Option:

Having done such an elaborated research on places to sleep in Mandalay, I could say that if I went back to Myanmar soon I would definitely repeat my stay at Hotel 8 and, if I could not repeat, I would probably give a chance to Gold Leaf Hotel *** and its amazing views of the city.

And you? Where would you like to stay when visiting the dusty Mandalay?
Let me know in the comments!


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