Rome (Italy): TOP 5 Alternative Spots

Until nowadays, I have been able to visit the city of Rome on three occasions. I have never got tired of it. I would visit it again and again… This city has always something new to discover and that is its magic. Because of this on today’s post, I want to show you 5 spots that I love and are (yet) not that touristy! Let’s get into it!

1) National Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II

Since I have a weird passion for white-marble buildings and monuments, it was a bit inevitable that I loved this monument. And now you would think… what does this building have of an unknown if it’s one of the most visited monuments in Rome? Well, my answer is THE 360º PANORAMIC ROOFTOP IT HIDES AT THE TOP!

Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II | Italy (2016)

The price to get to the rooftop is 7€ for the adults and 3,50€ for people under 18 years. It is a quite accessible price for everyone,  Especially if you consider the ticket price of the rest of the tourist attractions.

Heart of Rome from Vittorio Emanuele II’s rooftop | Italy (2016)

MY RECOMMENDATION WHEN VISITING: If you travel to Rome during winter time, when I visited this rooftop for the 1st time, take advantage of the rooftop opening hours and contemplate the sunset while enjoying one of the best views of the city. 

2) Villa del Gran Priorato dell’Ordine dei Cavalieri di Malta

If you are looking for a true gem in Rome, it is hidden in a keyhole at the Aventine Hill! To get to it, you first need to look for the Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta. Once there, you will probably see the queue of people waiting for their turn to look through a keyhole. They are not crazy, although it might look like they are. Just wait for your turn to be amazed by the view of Saint Peter cathedral at the end of a romantic garden.

Rome from the Orange Garden | Italy (2018)

Although this place used to be quite secret, it is getting more and more popular among Rome visitors. That’s why I suggest that you visit it before it’s too late!

MY RECOMMENDATION WHEN VISITING: Go to visit it during sunrise or sunset time. After looking through the hole, continue enjoying the charming views from the romantic Orange Garden (right next to the keyhole location!). From there you will be able to enjoy a full panoramic with Rome and Tiber river at your feet! 

3) Giolitti Antica Gelateria

Do you love gelato? If so, you will fall in love this place. The Gelateria Giolitti was founded back in 1890. Not late after that, it became the official supplier of the royal Italian family so you can imagine how good they are…

The decor of this gelateria gets along with its history and it is quite vintage, I would say. It is so elegant that it reminded me of the beautiful French cafes. When I first discovered this place I was on a school trip across Italy. I can tell you that after a week tasting gelatos across the country, these were my favorites! Once I was back in Rome, in 2016, I HAD TO take my mother to this spot so she could also try their delicious and true Italian gelatos.

MY RECOMMENDATION WHEN VISITING: Be adventurous, try new combinations and, once you get your gelato, go and enjoy it while walking through the old town until you get to the Pantheon. 

4) Vatican Museum Gardens

With more than 20.000 art pieces, the Vatican Museum is a true paradise for Classic Art lovers like me. Despite the many treasures displayed, it hides another one for those visitors willing to discover it…

As I always say, if you are looking for disconnecting a bit from the bustling Rome, take an afternoon to enjoy the Vatican Museums. Once you have satisfied your artistic curiosity with Michelangelo’s frescoes or with the Laocoon and Its Soons sculpture, head to the gardens of the museum. From there you will be able to enjoy one of the best views of Saint Peter’s dome.

Saint Peter’s Dome from Vatican Museum | Italy (2016)

MY RECOMMENDATION WHEN VISITING: Since some time ago, it is possible to purchase your tickets online and avoid the long queues to access the museum. Buy them in advance in order not to miss your spot!

5) Saint Angelo’s Bridge

Probably, one of my new favorite places to picture Saint Peter’s cathedral. I randomly discovered this spot during my second visit to Rome, while crossing the bridge. The view of the cathedral from there surprised me a lot. I could not look anywhere else (even having Saint Angelo’s Castle ahead of me!).

Despite the bridge was crossed by so many people, only a small part of them realized about the views they had so my recommendation is to look EVERYWHERE with really open eyes when visiting Rome. Not only in Saint Angelo’s bridge but everywhere. Always. You will never stop discovering new beautiful and interesting stops. Never.

Saint Peter’s Cathedral from Saint Angelo’s bridge | Italy (2016)

MY RECOMMENDATION WHEN VISITING: I highly recommend you to cross the bridge and enjoy the views at sunset or at sunrise. The sky gets so many beautiful tones that will make this postcard place even more beautiful. 

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