10 Gift Ideas for Insatiable Travelers

We have just started December and this only means one thing: Christmas is around the corner and with it, the gift-giving will arrive too. The more long-sighted might have them all figured out but what about you? Whether you still have none of them figured out, you are only missing the one for that super traveler friend or you are looking for ideas on what to ask Dear Santa, this post is for you:

GIFT Nº1: Collapsible Cup from Stojo

Do you know any coffee and travel lover? Probably, this is one of the best Christmas gifts you can get for them (or for you 😉 ). This collapsible cup, apart from convenient (once collapsed only measures 5cm), it’s eco-friendly too. It is made of recyclable materials and it’s lead-free. Also, you can use it for both, hot and cold drinks and is not limited to coffee. You can also use it to bring tea and water with you.

Are you ready to say goodbye to non-recyclable and non-reusable plastic cups and lids? 🙂

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If these colors are not convincing you, there are more than 10 color options and two sizes availableYou will for sure find one that fits you. Isn’t it great? You can get your cup directly from Stojo’s website.

My Trunk of Travel Memories: Where have I traveled?

It’s been more than eight years since I traveled outside of my country for the first time. It was around the end of the year 2010. I was 15 when, with lots of doubts, I jumped on an airplane to visit my best friend in England.

Since then travelling as brought me to exciting and surrealist adventures. It has taken me to breathtaking sunsets and captivating landscapes, introduced me to the kindest and more interesting human beings, to their stories… With no doubt I can say that the best adventures in my life have taken place while traveling.

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